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Nintex is easy, point-and-click workflow automation software to tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes



Beezy is an enterprise software solution delivering the four pillars of modern digital worksplaces. An intelligent workspace puts teams on an AI way in SharePoint


Migration Tool

Quantr has developed a flexiable migration tool for SharePoint and Dynamics, it enhances the ease of migration process, provide more flexibility for administrators to control every step of the migration


SharePoint Dev

With Custom SharePoint Development Services, Quantr can help your business manage its data, applications, and information with ease and efficiency. 


Lotus Notes Migration

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Latest News

Heading toward to release our Calendar UI library for SharePoint and ReactJS

Too many projects need a tailor-made calendar, there are some weak points of the available open source calendars, so we decided to build our own. Up to now our package[…]

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2018-12-24 0

Visual Studio 2017 finally supports SharePoint 2019

Finally here, SharePoint 2019 project types in Visual Studio 2017. Some people said we need to wait Visual Studio 2019, luckily no need.

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2018-12-02 0

Integrate our SharePoint webpart into Teams

Our dev team has successfully ported our SharePoint webparts to Microsoft teams. It provides us a more flexible way to enrich the Teams’ feature. We have huge passion in extending[…]

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2018-11-24 0
About US

We are a team of SharePoint developers  with passion and skills

SharePoint Saturday

We will hold SharePoint Saturday Event in Hong Kong 

SPS Events is an all-volunteer organization that provides the tools and knowledge needed for groups and event leaders to organize and host SharePoint Saturday Events. SharePoint Saturday Events (SPS Events) are FREE one-day events held in different cities around the world, featuring sessions from influential and respected SharePoint professionals.

Our webinar with Nintex

Agile Contract Management with Nintex and Adobe Sign (Catonese)

In this webinar, Nintex and technology partner demonstrate how you can leverage the Nintex platform and Adobe Sign to simplify and streamline the contract management process for an immediate ROI. Watch

This is one of the things we do best 

In this Cantonese webinar, Nintex Pre-sales Engineer, and KokKoon Gan, Nintex Technical Evangelist, discussed the solutions on how to easily generate business critical documents, analyse your process portfolio and build powerful mobile apps across the entire Nintex platform. Enhance the value of your Nintex investment from Nintex Hawkeye, Nintex App Studio and Nintex Document Generation today Watch

Our Awesome Team

We focus on SharePoint

Peter Cheung

System Architect

Passion in programming, have years of experimen in SharePoint development, love doing coding

Alan Chan

System Architect

Mature in system design, coding and planning. Actively playing around in SharePoint

Amanda Ding

Sales Director

Love selling new tech, passion in learning new features in SharePoint  


SharePoint System Analyst

ASP.net, SQL server, C#, tech in SharePoint, raw workflow engine, crash the SP and save it


System Analyst

Hacking the nintex form designer, tuning the SharePoint workflow, visual webpart development.


SharePoint Developer

Our flash passionate SharePoint developer


SharePoint Developer

SharePoint Developer with experience in designing several Farms ranging from small to mid-level ones.


SharePoint Developer

SharePoint scripting, admin of HA Farm, managing the updates, patches, backup policies.






Migration Projects

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