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SharePoint Training  covered different area of skill set

Learn from industrial experimenced people, having the right skills to help your business

SharePoint Administration Course

The course will cover everything the administrator/operator need to manage the SharePoint

SharePoint Development Course

It cover different programming techniques on SharePoint, such as scripting, using SharePoint designer and Visual Studio

SharePoint Administration Course

This course is intended for:
– SharePoint Site Owners
– Project Managers
– Department Managers
– SharePoint administrators
– Professional SharePoint Users


Introduction to SharePoint

Understand the concepts and terminologies that are unique to SharePoint 2013Understand the concepts and terminologies that are unique to SharePoint 2013

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Basic features

We will teach you how to deal with all these foundatmental things on SharePoint, they are Document Library,
List, Column Type, Site, and More…

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SharePoint Designer

Describe the changes to SharePoint Designer. Customization using SharePoint designer. DataViews and SharePoint controls

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Workflow using SharePoint Designer

With Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, you can design workflows that add application logic to your site or application without having to write custom code. 

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