Lotus Notes Migrate to Microsoft World
Email client migration
Quantr SharePoint頻道 : PowerApps與SharePoint
Outlook addins示範 - 如何用Restful api去move/copy message
Outlook addins示範 - 如何用Restful api去move/copy message到其它folder, 本片會以nodejs addins作為demo
SharePoint廣東話 : 設定Timezone
Quantr SharePoint 頻道教學,如學設定SharePoint的Timezone
SharePoint廣東話 - JS Link
SharePoint Online: JSLink (Client Side Rendering) introduction
SharePoint廣東話 - List Template
Demo what is list template
Add a search box for Netbeans customize toolbar dialog
Netbeans 10
netbeans quick outline plugin now run very fast
After changed to a new antlr grammar, now is parse java file in 1 second, before need 15 seconds to parse a 1000 lines file. http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/73752/?show=true
SharePoint HR - Apply leave, approve leave and leave balance
This video demo our HR solution on SharePoint: 1. Apply leave 2. Approve leave by email 3. View leave balance
Quantr SharePoint頻道 : PowerApps用Flow連上SharePoint
用一個簡單Microsoft Flow去把PowerApps的Data射上SharePoint
Quantr SharePoint頻道 : PowerApps初探
SharePoint廣東話 : Version History
Quantr SharePoint頻道
SharePoint廣東話 - Clone List Template
快速在SharePoint Online裏Clone List Template
SharePoint Java API Library - Delete file
Demo how to call a function to delete a file in a specific folder, which in a document library on SharePoint Online
Outlook add-ins development with OneDrive
Show you : 1. How to install add-ins 2. How to activate add-ins 3. Upload file to OneDrive 4. Read only link & Editable link
Poly training on Azure IoT
Train students to enjoy the Azure IoT
Quantr Tag Demo
Display SharePoint's asset in wordpress. Our library is open source https://gitlab.com/quantr/sharepoint/quantr-tag-wordpress
Create project in project online using my own webpart
Building a sample webpart to manipulate project online restful api
Outlook plugin - upload files to onedrive and add share link to email body
This is Quantr outlook demo project
Quantr Express - embed script webpart
A modern webpart for SharePoint to embed javascript