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The Best-Value Low-Code Platform

AgilePoint NX is a top-five low-code platform and lets you build web and mobile apps up to ten times faster than hand coding. AgilePoint NX is easy to learn and use, and it’s also easy to own, given pricing and licensing options that will work for virtually any enterprise. Find out today why value-conscious organizations of every size are choosing AgilePoint NX for custom software development. Build multi-tenant SaaS apps that incorporate Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies; are responsive to devices, browsers, and changing business conditions; and span on-premises systems and cloud services. ou may have heard of “responsive web sites,” which automatically configure pages to display correctly on different kinds of devices and browsers. Well, AgilePoint NX is a low-code application development platform that lets you compose anything from simple workflows to sophisticated, composite line-of-business systems that responsively adapt to a range of various conditions, including different devices, browsers, channels, environments, platforms, and the needs of different business units or customers. This level of functionality, obviously, requires a unique architecture and powerful development and management utilities.