We are Nintex technical partner, we do

  1. SharePoint automation using Nintex form and workflow engine
  2. We build tailor made workflow that fit to your business
  3. We use our customised form controls to enhance the Nintex, provide extra ability to make the form more useful and more beautiful
  4. We actively engage the sales/event/seminar/free training with Nintex Hong Kong Team

Quick video tutorial to learn Nintex workflow


What is Nintex Workflow

With Nintex Workflow, you can tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks – not code. Quickly turn time-consuming, unstructured processes into automated, efficient workflows. Make every part of your business work better, across all departments and functions. Digital workflow and content automation replaces manual and paper-based processes by integrating tools, automating hand-offs and replacing other repetitive tasks. An emerging discipline tied to the larger trend of Digital Transformation, digital workflow and content automation (WCA) transforms business operations by replacing manual and paper-based processes with digital workflows, automated document generation, and real-time process analytics. It is a key step on the path to becoming a fully digital business.
Build SharePoint workflows that connect and interact with your existing business applications like Salesforce, as well as cloud services like DocuSign, Box, Dropbox, Yammer or Twitter using one of the Nintex Connectors. Create digital workflows with simple to complex logic. Start workflows based on events inside or outside SharePoint.

What can workflow and content automation do for my business?

  • Visibility into current business processes
  • Enhanced collaboration and better communication
  • Faster response times
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • More efficient operations
  • Expanded mobility
  • Increased customer engagement