what we can do


Guided by our customers’ requirements, we develop SharePoint solutions based on the platform’s best capabilities and our 10-year expertise. At the same time, we understand that our solutions are created for employees’ convenience and not for developers’ sake, that’s why we focus on user experience during the entire development cycle.

Reliable Architecture

Our SharePoint architects are experienced in building a durable architecture from scratch (installing databases, creating server farms) and improving the legacy architecture for it to respond adequately to a company’s changing scale.

We start our SharePoint development projects with a technical analysis of the existing infrastructure and software in use to offer an efficient architecture that will serve as the foundation of the solution’s vitality. As the SharePoint architecture is the key to its trouble-free performance, we design our solutions taking into consideration both your IT resources and the system’s requirements, in order to ensure the further sleek performance of the platform.

Custom Development

We believe that every client deserves a one-of-a-kind SharePoint solution. That’s why we never limit our projects with customization of out-of-the-box features but offer custom tools both on premises and in cloud, which helps to marry the platform with customers’ particular business needs.


We can help you to automate sophisticated business processes by structuring them into effective and logical SharePoint workflows.

Timer jobs and event receivers

When out-of-the-box features are knocked down, we come up with custom timer jobs and event receivers to let you fulfill non-standard actions on your SharePoint site.

Custom field types

We offer an individual approach to managing data that go beyond any of the standard SharePoint fields without falling upon any other software.

Custom site/subsite templates

We create handy templates to keep all the site features and customizations that you can use to deploy similar solutions on several SharePoint sites and to ensure design consistency within your company.

SharePoint-based apps

We use the latest JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.js, Backbone.js and Knockout.js to develop SharePoint apps that are intuitive and easy-to-use.

Custom SharePoint solutions

We develop custom-made SharePoint solutions be it a SharePoint intranet, a document management system, a project management solution or a learning management system.

Unique Branding

You don’t have to stick to SharePoint’s default design when you can make it your own. Our team of web designers and SharePoint developers will tailor your solution according to your corporate style and your requirements taking into consideration the latest web design trends. We will help you create personalized master pages and page layouts to add dynamic elements and custom navigation.

Seamless Integration

Integration of your SharePoint solution with other enterprise systems is an important step ensuring continuity of your business processes. Our SharePoint developers will accomplish a seamless integration of SharePoint with such enterprise systems as ERP, CRM, HR system, Exchange Server, accounting system, etc., ensuring a more convenient way for your employees to have a single access point to the key enterprise data.

We provide integration services using both Business Connectivity Services and Active Directory to easily connect external data to your SharePoint site and use it as the site’s native data. We also offer to develop custom integration modules able to interact with any third-party interfaces via APIs.

Timely Maintenance

After the project is completed, we accompany our customers to give them our helping hand to:

Solve SharePoint-related technical issues

Our target is to identify and fix possible software defects in the shortest time to make your users satisfied with the solution.

Expand your solution’s functionality

Whenever you decide to enrich your SharePoint with new features, our SharePoint developers will help you to design, implement and test new functionality to make your solution even more engaging to work with.

Install SharePoint updates

We provide our customers with cumulative updates and service packs that allow to ensure the solution’s better performance and shellproof security.

Ensure SharePoint backups

Our SharePoint administrators can assist you in timely backing up your SharePoint manually or in scheduling and setting automated backups.