Month: November 2018

A SharePoint dev company

Integrate our SharePoint webpart into Teams

Our dev team has successfully ported our SharePoint webparts to Microsoft teams. It provides us a more flexible way to enrich the Teams’ feature. We have huge passion in extending SharePoint, now we can consider to extend Teams all together. This is a great tutorial about building Teams webpart using SPfx SDK. Microsoft teams is…
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2018-11-24 0

SPFX finally upgraded to support SharePoint 2019

SPFX finally upgraded to support SharePoint 2019. And now SharePoint Online and On-premises are the same project type, it is one great step forward. New features such as “Single webpart page” can lock page layout, isolated webpart can call azureAD in a more secure way.

2018-11-09 0

New webpart – Form Center

Our new webpart in Quantr Express

2018-11-04 0