Month: June 2018

A SharePoint dev company

Why use Nintex to build workflow instead of SharePoint designer

Customers has been asking why using Nintex to build SharePoint workflow instead of SharePoint designer, here are reasons: Latest version of SharePoint Designer is 2013, and it won’t update even if SharePoint 2019 comes out. Nintex workflow designer is web based so you don’t need install anything before you create your workflow Nintex workflow designer…
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2018-06-27 0

Coding news webpart

This is our new webpart to display coding news from many different programming news feeds. We use Microsoft Flow to sync all feed from a specific folder of a mailbox to SharePoint. The webpart provide advanced search function. By storing news feeds in SharePoint, it provides search feature and advanced archive feature. SPfx is very…
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2018-06-26 0

Microsoft Stream webpart for SharePoint is not good enough

Microsoft Stream webpart for SharePoint is not good enough, it cannot reply comment, can’t download original video.

2018-06-23 0

Quantr Express has built in over 40 forms

Quantr Express include a lot of different components, one of the major one is the quantr forms.

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