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A SharePoint dev company

SharePoint goes 3D

Having a 3D space in SharePoint is funny

2020-11-06 0

PowerBI tutorial


2019-12-24 0

SharePoint keeps upgrading every month

Refer to . Now we can create Plan in SharePoint. I believe higher level of integration with Planner is coming.

2019-10-11 0

Our animated SharePoint 2019 icon

Download svg here

2019-04-04 0

MS Teams command sets

2019-03-24 0

Microsoft & Multisoft co-sales event

On 2019/03/13. We joined an event to promote Office 365 solutions with Microsoft & Multisoft to The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers . They are interested in SharePoint solutions and it was a nice day to inspire them with latest Office 365 technologies.

2019-03-15 0

GitLab web-part joined WebPart Factory

Our new web-part to display GitLab project in SharePoint Online

2019-03-03 0

Agilepoint training for Polyu students

We joined agilepoint to provide free training on azure+agilepoint for polyu students. They have learnt fundamental skillset to start creating their chatbot app based on azure and ageilpoint cloud.

2018-02-04 0