Month: May 2018

A SharePoint dev company

Our webpart to manage webhook

We developed a webpart people to add/view/delete the webhook for list and document library, it is free. I will post the download link here in next sunday. Thanks for using.

2018-05-27 0

Why Nintex is better than K2

Why Nintex is better than K2, there are some key points: In gartner report, Nintex received 20 review and K2 only got reviews. It is obviously Nintex is more hot in the market. And Nintex get 4.1 stars and K2 only get 3.2. It is 20% better. Most of the people said Nintex is easier…
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2018-05-14 2

They are strong SharePoint players

They are strong SharePoint players, we are heading to that. Hong Kong is a heavily SharePoint usage region, but we don’t have great product that build on SharePoint and let the foreigners know we are professional in SharePoint development, we hope we can change that. We will build product base on SharePoint Online and sell…
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2018-05-07 0