Why Nintex is better than K2

Why Nintex is better than K2

2018-05-14 Nintex 2

Why Nintex is better than K2, there are some key points:

  1. In gartner report, Nintex received 20 review and K2 only got reviews. It is obviously Nintex is more hot in the market. And Nintex get 4.1 stars and K2 only get 3.2. It is 20% better. https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/business-process-management-platforms/compare/k2-vs-nintex
  2. Most of the people said Nintex is easier to learn than K2
  3. Nintex for SharePoint is based on SharePoint workflow foundation, which is based on Microsoft workflow foundation. It is the primary workflow platform that made and supporting by Microsoft. It has a wide range of proven records for successful case
  4. Technical, Nintex based on workflow foundation, developer can use traditional method to adjust the running workflow, which is easy and a guarantee way.
  5. Nintex support is fast, it has support email, community forum, professional support team. Based on our real experience, Nintex support team response very fast, we usually get a reply in less than 1 hour. And the community forum is hot, lot of professional developers are willing to share their skill in there.
  6. Nintex workflow cloud support tons of different platforms, SAP, MSSQL, ORACLE, DROPBOX, GOOGLE DRIVE, and much more.
  7. Nintex has much higher mark in TrustRadius report and G2 Growd report.
  8. Nintex has a proprietary LazyApproval function.  From Nintex – “Exclusive LazyApproval® System, respond to requests in real language, even when mobile and without SharePoint portal access”
  9. Nintex have complete support for InfoPath forms in their SharePoint 2010 feature set release.  The integration works in the same way that SharePoint 2010 handles InfoPath integration which allows administrators to simply “Customize / Edit with InfoPath 2010.”
  10. Nintex also has reporting on a per workflow basis.
  11. Error handling may be configured on a per action basis.
  12. Cost of development for Nintex is 50% lower than K2 http://danielszego.blogspot.hk/2015/06/comparing-nintex-with-k2-with-help-of.html
  13. Nintex SDK is based on Microsoft Visual Studio, every .net developer knows how to use it

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