Month: October 2019

A SharePoint dev company

First try Tableau with SharePoint Online

We have been using Microsoft PowerBI to build dashboard and report based on SharePoint list. Now we tried Tableau out, I have two lists on SharePoint, first one is storing gitlab project information, which has 2,355 records. Second list is storing git commits information, which has 135,467 records. When i start connect Tableau to SharePoint,…
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2019-10-19 0

PowerBI Refresh on-demand available

PowerBI support schedule refresh for years. Now on-demand refresh has come, we can build workflow on Microsoft Flow and manually refresh the PowerBI dataset, that mean you can update your PowerBI report data anytime, it is a great help to us, thanks Microsoft

2019-10-16 0

SharePoint keeps upgrading every month

Refer to . Now we can create Plan in SharePoint. I believe higher level of integration with Planner is coming.

2019-10-11 0