First try Tableau with SharePoint Online

First try Tableau with SharePoint Online

2019-10-19 SharePoint 2

We have been using Microsoft PowerBI to build dashboard and report based on SharePoint list. Now we tried Tableau out, I have two lists on SharePoint, first one is storing gitlab project information, which has 2,355 records. Second list is storing git commits information, which has 135,467 records. When i start connect Tableau to SharePoint, it is quite smooth and i just need to install their SharePoint driver. Constructing a data source is easy, similar experiences than PowerBI. But when i am going to build a chart, it take over 3 mins to load the data, at this point PowerBI is much quicker.

If i change the data relationship (change the FK keys between lists), it also take few minutes to refresh. This is a major pain point.

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  1. atollllef says:

    Member asked a question. We have Tableau server in on premise which is configured with Windows single sign on and earlier it was connecting to sharepoint in on premise. Can anyone has same issue and has solution for this?

  2. atollllef says:

    Our organization just implemented Tableau Server and I am trying to connect to a SharePoint Online list.

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