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SharePoint E-Library design

Build a tailor-made E-library for customer, enrich the search features

2020-04-28 1

Multi-language publishing model finally arrived

I love this new feature: Multi-language publishing model, it finally arrive in March to SharePoint Online

2020-04-15 0

Adaptive Cards 1.2 are GA in Microsoft Teams

Today, we’re pleased to announce the GA of Adaptive Cards 1.2 in Microsoft Teams on desktop and mobile! With the 1.2 release, we’ve enabled highly requested features such as RichText blocks, visibility toggles, and inline text buttons, and more styles and formatting options. These features come together to further enhance interactivity and developer support. Cards…
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2020-02-26 0

Apache superset with SharePoint

2020/02/24 monday 10:30pm i will show how to use Apache Superset to build a open source dashboard, join if you wish

2020-02-23 0

Microsoft Teams event

Microsoft invited us to demo our Teams-To-IMs integration solution, lots of big clients in there. We are getting more focus on Teams and integrate it into our SharePoint solution.

2020-01-19 0

Our Research Team

Our office 365 research team, our goal is pushing the integrations between o365/azure/d365 to the limit. If you want to join, please contact So far our team member look their eyes open at all the latest news of SharePoint/Azure/PowerApps/Teams/PowerBI/Dynamics 365, but this is not enough, we need more team member to go deeper in…
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2019-12-18 1

SharePoint Online retrieve list items as a stream

We can use the SharePoint RenderListDataAsStream API to fetch lookup and single managed metadata field values, instead of returning an index number only.

2019-12-09 0

SharePoint enhanced its version history UI

SharePoint is releasing a new version history capability that will enable translators to visualize the differences between any two versions of a page in order to easily translate content as needed.

2019-11-17 0

SharePoint open source project bring me Sense of success

I think my Java SharePoint library at least helping people

2019-11-05 0

First try Tableau with SharePoint Online

We have been using Microsoft PowerBI to build dashboard and report based on SharePoint list. Now we tried Tableau out, I have two lists on SharePoint, first one is storing gitlab project information, which has 2,355 records. Second list is storing git commits information, which has 135,467 records. When i start connect Tableau to SharePoint,…
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2019-10-19 0

PowerBI Refresh on-demand available

PowerBI support schedule refresh for years. Now on-demand refresh has come, we can build workflow on Microsoft Flow and manually refresh the PowerBI dataset, that mean you can update your PowerBI report data anytime, it is a great help to us, thanks Microsoft

2019-10-16 0

SharePoint bug, missing delete button

I think we found a SharePoint bug on SPO, when i select all items, the delete button is disappear. I have wait 1-2 mins, but it is still missing.

2019-09-17 0

Nintex’s New Responsive Designer Now Available

Nintex is excited to announce the release of a new forms designer within the Nintex Process Platform. Now users across Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud can design forms using the same easy-to-use yet powerful and flexible designer to create forms. This is a completely new forms designer – built from the ground up and focused on performance,…
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2019-09-06 0

Coding News webpart : SPFX and Teams

We were using whatsapp to send out SharePoint related coding news to my colleagues. We found out we have a better solution, it is SharePoint+Teams. We build a tailor made webpart in SharePoint to display all coding news by catalog. Since SPFX webpart work in teams too, we simply add it to teams, add all…
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2019-08-31 0

SPFX library project template

Now we can create a “SPFX library” project, before it available, we have to pack our own SPFX UI Component by hand using webpack and typescript. It was terrible. But that story is ended. We believe there will be more GUI component library available to the market, hope to see SharePoint world getting stronger and…
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2019-08-25 0

We found a SharePoint bug

For the SharePoint last week updates, if using latest Safari, UI has problem, menu is position correctly and site content white out, nothing on screen.

2019-08-16 0