Nintex’s New Responsive Designer Now Available

Nintex’s New Responsive Designer Now Available

2019-09-06 Nintex SharePoint 0

Nintex is excited to announce the release of a new forms designer within the Nintex Process Platform. Now users across Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud can design forms using the same easy-to-use yet powerful and flexible designer to create forms. This is a completely new forms designer – built from the ground up and focused on performance, usability, and flexibility. This will be our new engine going forward for Nintex Workflow Cloud, Office365, and SharePoint.

So, what’s new: 

  • Clean modern UI 
  • Improved geolocation control that supports Google Maps API on the web 
  • Native signature control that works across web and mobile and stores an image of the signature 
  • Barcode scanner is now available in the toolbox for use in Nintex Mobile 
  • Rules improvements 
  • Set the property of any control on the form (Including value) 
  • Set the properties of multiple controls in one rule 
  • Easily build AND/OR logic with clicks, not code 
  • ELSE conditions in the rule builder 
  • Formula builder 
  • Type-ahead when building a formula 
  • Inline help for functions 
  • Formula validation to ensure the formula is correct 
  • GetQueryString function is now included 
  • Multipage support 
  • Text masks on a text field 
  • Date/time can restrict past dates within the configuration of the control 
  • Separate currency control 
  • File upload allows dragging files onto the form for upload 
  • List Lookup can filter out duplicate items 
  • Instant preview 
  • Group (Panel) control now has heading and border options 
  • Separate email control 
  • The exported form is now constructed in JSON format 
  • The same form engine is used in Office365 and Nintex Mobile. Your forms share the same UI. 

Videos about some of the changes: 

So where can I learn about the new platform? 

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