Free NGO membership system on SharePoint Online

Free NGO membership system on SharePoint Online

2018-04-15 SharePoint 0

We are building a Free membership system based on SharePoint Online using the latest SPfx technologies, we will integrate more Microsoft elements into it such as Microsoft Teams, Skype and Microsoft Groups.

The first version will have these feature:

  • Membership management
    • Create/edit/delete user
    • Set user next payment deadline
    • If the payment deadline is near (within one month), show an indicator
    • Add remarks for each member
    • Search for user detail and remarks
  • Payment management
    • Record all payments
    • Set future payment dates
    • Notify with email when payment is near (within one month)
  • Time management
    • Create/edit/delete event
    • Assign member to different event
    • Search for member for specify event
    • Timeline widget
  • Dashboard
    • How a pie chart about the % of non-pay member
    • Show a line chart about the frequency of events

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