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Our webpart to manage webhook

We developed a webpart people to add/view/delete the webhook for list and document library, it is free. I will post the download link here in next sunday. Thanks for using.

2018-05-27 0

Why Nintex is better than K2

Why Nintex is better than K2, there are some key points: In gartner report, Nintex received 20 review and K2 only got reviews. It is obviously Nintex is more hot in the market. And Nintex get 4.1 stars and K2 only get 3.2. It is 20% better. Most of the people said Nintex is easier…
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2018-05-14 0

They are strong SharePoint players

They are strong SharePoint players, we are heading to that. Hong Kong is a heavily SharePoint usage region, but we don’t have great product that build on SharePoint and let the foreigners know we are professional in SharePoint development, we hope we can change that. We will build product base on SharePoint Online and sell…
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2018-05-07 0

3rd Nintex Free Training has completed successfully

3rd Nintex Free Training has completed successfully. All students can build their own workflow and e-form in last than 15 mins. They surprised they can do it by their own hand, this proved Nintex is very easy to learn and use.

2018-04-27 1

We build good webparts

We can build very good modern webpart, all are responsive design, so you can use your mobile phone to browse your SharePoint, everything include images, text will be auto fit to your mobile. The whole portal is rely on SharePoint assets, such as SharePoint list, document library, survey, etc… We leverage SharePoint advantage of build…
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2018-04-18 0

Free NGO membership system on SharePoint Online

We are building a Free membership system based on SharePoint Online using the latest SPfx technologies, we will integrate more Microsoft elements into it such as Microsoft Teams, Skype and Microsoft Groups. The first version will have these feature: Membership management Create/edit/delete user Set user next payment deadline If the payment deadline is near (within…
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2018-04-15 0

Quantr Express is coming

We developed a webpart kit for commercial customers to enrich their sharepoint. The first slots of the webparts will include: Carousel Grid menu / Animated menu Slider A better gallery Contact form Video gallery Google map/Baidu map webpart +10 Customizable responsive layouts  

2018-04-10 1

Nintex roadmap 2018 March

Nintex will support push message in Nintex mobile, when you start/stop a nintex workflow in SharePoint or Nintex workflow cloud, your nintex mobile will popup a notification. This enhance the user experience.

2018-03-27 0

Nintex with Slack is fast

Nintex workflow cloud (NWC in short) can connect with Slack with a very high speed. I create a simple workflow in NWC to post a simple message in a Slack group. I start the workflow externally by Mac’s curl command, i can see the message appear in Slack client in less than 1 second, which…
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2018-03-26 0

Workshops on Intelligent Chatbot

In mid-January 2018, two thematic workshops were held for Polyu COMP Year 2 to Year 4 students, providing them with an overview of application development in enterprise environment and hands-on experience in developing IoT applications with Microsoft Azure Platform. We hosted an “Intelligent Chatbot Workshop” in which students could acquire practical knowledge of AI, IoT…
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