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Workshops on Intelligent Chatbot

In mid-January 2018, two thematic workshops were held for Polyu COMP Year 2 to Year 4 students, providing them with an overview of application development in enterprise environment and hands-on experience in developing IoT applications with Microsoft Azure Platform. We hosted an “Intelligent Chatbot Workshop” in which students could acquire practical knowledge of AI, IoT…
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Agilepoint training for Polyu students

We joined agilepoint to provide free training on azure+agilepoint for polyu students. They have learnt fundamental skillset to start creating their chatbot app based on azure and ageilpoint cloud.

2018-02-04 0

Our first Nintex free training is successfully completed

Our first Nintex free training is successfully completed, we will provide regular (monthly) free Nintex and SharePoint training to anybody . In Feb, we will promote our first full set of Nintex video training on youtube, you can follow our video to learn advanced skillset to build workflows and forms using Nintex. We hope this…
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Nintex free training 2018 Feb

2018-01-10 0

Excel data massage

In this cantonese speaking video, I demonstrate our tool to migrate excel file with hard code file path to SharePoint Online, during the migration, our tool will massage the formula in the excel so that it will still point to the correct location after the excel files are migrated to Office 365.

2017-11-15 0

AgilePoint NX seminar in CityU

AgilePoint NX seminar in CityU, share the techniques to integrate, bing speech services with AgilePoint. It is a very hands-on seminar, every attendees are successfully created AgilePoint App.

2017-11-04 0

Nintex world tour Hong Kong

We joined the Nintex world tour Hong Kong and we are one of the key partners, thanks to Maria introduced our company to everybody in the conference.

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AgilePoint Taiwan Training 2017 Oct

AgilePoint Taiwan Training 2017 Oct has perfectly completed, lecturer Mr Vincent and Joe are very nice and professional in AgilePoint, they have superior skill sets and passion in agilepoint technologies. We learnt everything about AgilePoint including creating eform, workflow, architecture and etc. A very valuable course, we are ready for challenges !!!

2017-10-28 0

Nintex workflow cloud is quite fast

Nintex workflow cloud is quite fast, my testing workflow has only one step, sending a email to my account. I kick start the workflow by external restful api call, i get the email within 5 seconds. Sending and receiving email consume time, so i guess nintex cloud just need 1-2 seconds to start and finish…
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Our great migration tool event

We have a great night with Hong Kong SharePoint User Group and showing our migration tool to different people, attendees are active to ask questions and interested into out flexible solution for doing SharePoint migration. Microsoft Cloud Architect Davide introduce us the Azure backup for VM, interesting topic and Davide has very deep knowledge about VM…
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