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We found a SharePoint bug

For the SharePoint last week updates, if using latest Safari, UI has problem, menu is position correctly and site content white out, nothing on screen.

2019-08-16 0

SharePoint create list interface just changed

SharePoint Online enhanced so frequently, that why you need a partner focusing on SharePoint development. Every month SharePoint world has new things come out.

2019-08-15 0

DocuSign v2.1 api has webhook

For later projects, we can use the DocuSign’s webhook to notify our system when somebody is signed. Since we only have 2000 free triggers from Microsoft Flow each month, if we set a timer to polling the DocuSign API, we can only pool for two times per hour. Now this trouble is fixed.

2019-08-04 0

Chrome’s React Developer Tools is not perfect for SharePoint Online

We are using SPFx to build WebPart for SharePoint, we installed chrome plugin “React Developer Tools” and try to inspect the page. We saw the tag name becoming <T>, so it is not perfect, the original class name is missing. But luckily we can still see the same react tags structure than my original source.…
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2019-06-29 0

Synnex seminar with Sales Partners

We want to promote our SharePoint packages to commercial market, so we host a seminar with Synnex in 21 June 2019, targeting sales partners, exchanging the SharePoint selling techniques and inspire them the new Office 365 technologies. Many of the feel exciting and registered as our partner right after the seminar. We provide all we…
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2019-06-23 0

SPFx supports NodeJS 10

Microsoft finally upgrade the SharePoint framework to support NodeJS 10, we don’t need to use a very old NodeJS 8 now.

2019-05-12 0

Our animated SharePoint 2019 icon

Download svg here

2019-04-04 0

MS Teams command sets

2019-03-24 0

SPFx 1.8 arrived

Finally we can embed a SPFx component (a web-part) rather than embed a SharePoint page in Teams. This make us for flexible for Cross-SharePoint-and-Teams solutions.

2019-03-15 0

Nintex is named a Leader in Digital Process Automation

Congratulation to Nintex, now they are named a Leader in Digital Process Automation for Wide Deployments by Independent Research Firm. Read the Forrester Wave™ report:

2019-03-15 0

Microsoft & Multisoft co-sales event

On 2019/03/13. We joined an event to promote Office 365 solutions with Microsoft & Multisoft to The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers . They are interested in SharePoint solutions and it was a nice day to inspire them with latest Office 365 technologies.

2019-03-15 0

GitLab web-part joined WebPart Factory

Our new web-part to display GitLab project in SharePoint Online

2019-03-03 0

Congratulation to Nintex

Very thrilled to share that Nintex is an award winner at the inaugural #HKBTechnologyExcellenceAwards by Hong Kong Business Magazine in the Enterprise Software category! Our sincere thanks to our customer Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) for the support in our nomination by showcasing how they’re managing, automating, and optimising everyday business processes with…
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2019-02-28 0

2019 first presentation to Hong Kong government officials

In 2019 Jan, Microsoft invited us to present our SharePoint solution with Azure AI to Housing Society. There are over 30 visitors including their CFO, Head of IT and 10+ senior managers. In the presentation, we highlighted some spark points what SharePoint can do with Azure AI. AI is one of our major directory to…
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2019-02-01 0

Present our Intranet solution to Highways department

In 2018 Dec, invited by Hong Kong gov and Microsoft to present our Intranet solution to Highways Department. We have demo SharePoint, Teams, Microsoft Flow can build great intranet solution together. And we have demonstrated our SPfx skillsets to build modern webparts and pages.

2019-02-01 0

Heading toward to release our Calendar UI library for SharePoint and ReactJS

Too many projects need a tailor-made calendar, there are some weak points of the available open source calendars, so we decided to build our own. Up to now our package support raw typescript+reactjs and SPFX SharePoint project. We will announce it once it is finished.

2018-12-24 0

Visual Studio 2017 finally supports SharePoint 2019

Finally here, SharePoint 2019 project types in Visual Studio 2017. Some people said we need to wait Visual Studio 2019, luckily no need.

2018-12-02 0

Integrate our SharePoint webpart into Teams

Our dev team has successfully ported our SharePoint webparts to Microsoft teams. It provides us a more flexible way to enrich the Teams’ feature. We have huge passion in extending SharePoint, now we can consider to extend Teams all together. This is a great tutorial about building Teams webpart using SPfx SDK. Microsoft teams is…
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2018-11-24 0

SPFX finally upgraded to support SharePoint 2019

SPFX finally upgraded to support SharePoint 2019. And now SharePoint Online and On-premises are the same project type, it is one great step forward. New features such as “Single webpart page” can lock page layout, isolated webpart can call azureAD in a more secure way.

2018-11-09 0

New webpart – Form Center

Our new webpart in Quantr Express

2018-11-04 0