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Present our Intranet solution to Highways department

In 2018 Dec, invited by Hong Kong gov and Microsoft to present our Intranet solution to Highways Department. We have demo SharePoint, Teams, Microsoft Flow can build great intranet solution together. And we have demonstrated our SPfx skillsets to build modern webparts and pages.

2019-02-01 0

Heading toward to release our Calendar UI library for SharePoint and ReactJS

Too many projects need a tailor-made calendar, there are some weak points of the available open source calendars, so we decided to build our own. Up to now our package support raw typescript+reactjs and SPFX SharePoint project. We will announce it once it is finished.

2018-12-24 0

Visual Studio 2017 finally supports SharePoint 2019

Finally here, SharePoint 2019 project types in Visual Studio 2017. Some people said we need to wait Visual Studio 2019, luckily no need.

2018-12-02 0

Integrate our SharePoint webpart into Teams

Our dev team has successfully ported our SharePoint webparts to Microsoft teams. It provides us a more flexible way to enrich the Teams’ feature. We have huge passion in extending SharePoint, now we can consider to extend Teams all together. This is a great tutorial about building Teams webpart using SPfx SDK. Microsoft teams is…
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2018-11-24 0

SPFX finally upgraded to support SharePoint 2019

SPFX finally upgraded to support SharePoint 2019. And now SharePoint Online and On-premises are the same project type, it is one great step forward. New features such as “Single webpart page” can lock page layout, isolated webpart can call azureAD in a more secure way.

2018-11-09 0

New webpart – Form Center

Our new webpart in Quantr Express

2018-11-04 0

SharePoint 2019 with Azure/Office 365

SharePoint 2019 will be a truly hybrid solution. Services in on-premises SharePoint 2019 farm can connect to data source via a very secure channel call “On-premises data gateway”. Our team already investigate into this scenario and did lot of experiences. The challenges to SI company are: Load balancing the secure channel Monitoring all traffic in…
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2018-09-10 0

SharePoint 2019 first try

SharePoint 2019 Public preview is released, and our team is adopting all new technologies. First thing we need to do is to install our SharePoint 2019 environment, so we create a 4 cores 32 gb ram VM on azure then start the installation. There is a one great feature called “Hybrid mode” but we got…
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2018-08-06 0

The fifth Nintex free training has been hold successfully

The fifth Nintex free training has been hold successfully, lots of question from students, very hands-on lab.

2018-07-31 0

Built-in webpart “Quick Links” has bug

Built-in webpart “Quick Links” has bug when i just add it to screen. There is no solution, just close the page and reopen it, re-add the “Quick links” webpart will solve the issue.

2018-07-12 0

Microsoft Intrazone – Latest info of SharePoint

Subscribe to The Intrazone, your new, bi-weekly podcast hosted by the SharePoint team. The show highlights usage, adoption, and how SharePoint works for you. You’ll hear from guest experts behind the scenes and out in the field. It’s all about how SharePoint fits into your everyday work life – the goal being to more easily…
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2018-07-08 0

Why use Nintex to build workflow instead of SharePoint designer

Customers has been asking why using Nintex to build SharePoint workflow instead of SharePoint designer, here are reasons: Latest version of SharePoint Designer is 2013, and it won’t update even if SharePoint 2019 comes out. Nintex workflow designer is web based so you don’t need install anything before you create your workflow Nintex workflow designer…
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2018-06-27 0

Coding news webpart

This is our new webpart to display coding news from many different programming news feeds. We use Microsoft Flow to sync all feed from a specific folder of a mailbox to SharePoint. The webpart provide advanced search function. By storing news feeds in SharePoint, it provides search feature and advanced archive feature. SPfx is very…
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2018-06-26 0

Microsoft Stream webpart for SharePoint is not good enough

Microsoft Stream webpart for SharePoint is not good enough, it cannot reply comment, can’t download original video.

2018-06-23 0

Quantr Express has built in over 40 forms

Quantr Express include a lot of different components, one of the major one is the quantr forms.

2018-06-05 0

Our webpart to manage webhook

We developed a webpart people to add/view/delete the webhook for list and document library, it is free. I will post the download link here in next sunday. Thanks for using.

2018-05-27 0

Why Nintex is better than K2

Why Nintex is better than K2, there are some key points: In gartner report, Nintex received 20 review and K2 only got reviews. It is obviously Nintex is more hot in the market. And Nintex get 4.1 stars and K2 only get 3.2. It is 20% better. Most of the people said Nintex is easier…
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2018-05-14 2

They are strong SharePoint players

They are strong SharePoint players, we are heading to that. Hong Kong is a heavily SharePoint usage region, but we don’t have great product that build on SharePoint and let the foreigners know we are professional in SharePoint development, we hope we can change that. We will build product base on SharePoint Online and sell…
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2018-05-07 0

3rd Nintex Free Training has completed successfully

3rd Nintex Free Training has completed successfully. All students can build their own workflow and e-form in last than 15 mins. They surprised they can do it by their own hand, this proved Nintex is very easy to learn and use.

2018-04-27 1

We build good webparts

We can build very good modern webpart, all are responsive design, so you can use your mobile phone to browse your SharePoint, everything include images, text will be auto fit to your mobile. The whole portal is rely on SharePoint assets, such as SharePoint list, document library, survey, etc… We leverage SharePoint advantage of build…
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2018-04-18 0